Helpful Information

If you’ve had a look around this website already, you’ll have realised it has a single purpose – to help rehome pets which are homeless. The only people we expect to visit the site are animal lovers and those involved with pet rescue or animal welfare. The site is run on an entirely non-profit and voluntary basis.

Whilst we do not plan to make profits from running the site, we do have costs to cover, so we are prepared to accept long-term advertising from companies specifically involved with pet care, such as veterinary groups and so on. We do not have an advertising rate card because it isn’t one of our priorities, so please don’t email us asking how much it costs to advertise.

Instead, if you are from the type of company or organisation mentioned above, we invite you to get in touch via our contact form (click the button below) and tell us who you are, what you would like to advertise (and where) and what you are willing to pay. We’ll obviously consider all serious offers.

Thank you