Maggie, Brighton

Can you adopt Maggie?

Can you adopt Maggie?

Name : Maggie

Breed : Boxer Cross

Age : 5 years

Sex : Female

Intact : No

Town/City : Brighton

County : Sussex

Information about Maggie

Maggie is a sweet dog, but one who has had a difficult past. A little nervous with men and in need of patience. She’s reasonably well behaved now, but is in need of care, attention and training. She gets a little distressed if left alone for long periods and (only then) tends to chew. She’s a great companion and very loyal once she trusts people around her, but being a little nervous and liking her own space, we think she’s best suited to a home without demanding young children!

She’s very energetic and loves to run when let loose. Thankfully, she doesn’t suffer ‘deaf dog’ syndrome! Obviously, she has been microchipped, is healthy and up to date with all jabs.

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