Marlin, Bournemouth

Can you adopt Marlin?

Can you adopt Marlin?

Name : Marlin

Breed : Mixed breed

Age : 18 months

Sex : Female

Intact : Yes

Town/City : Bournemouth

County : Dorset

Information about Marlin

This is Marlin. She is a One and a half year old mix breed female with a beautiful soul. Marlin has experienced an extremely traumatic life, where she was badly abused and then left to die, chained to the back of a garden. When somebody found her, she was completely emaciated, covered in blood and absolutely terrified of people. They took her off the man who was keeping her in these horrific conditions and brought her to the rescue organisation where myself and my partner were working at the time.

She started to recover physically after a short time with lots of veterinary care and treatment, but has taken a lot longer to recover mentally. With a lot of time, patience and love, Marlin slowly started to trust us and we gradually started to see her blossom into a happy and healthy dog. (With the help of the other dogs at the shelter).
After forming such a deep bond with Marlin, we decided to take her out of the shelter environment so that she could start to experience the big wide world for the first time.
As much as we would love to keep her, our lifestyle just isn’t suitable for her so we are desperate to see her get the happy ever after that she deserves.

After experiencing so much trauma and abuse in the past, Marlin is still recovering mentally and emotionally. It still takes a long time to let new people cuddle her so we would like her to go to someone who has lots of experience with dogs who is prepared to put a bit more time into forming a trusting relationship. She needs somebody that will be very patient and gentle with her, but although it will take her a bit longer to trust, believe me once she does, she will be your best friend for life and worship the ground you walk on.

She gets on extremely well with other dogs and absolutely loves to play (although is still figuring out how to). Food is definitely the way to her heart, and though she is used to living with both myself and my partner and has formed a bond with us both, she tends to feel less nervous with women, which is probably something to do with the man that used to own her. She just takes slightly longer to warm to men at the moment, but is getting more and more confident every day.

After suffering with a re-occurring skin condition, she has finally fought it off but her fur is still in the process of growing out so it will be longer than it is in the photos.
If you think you are a suitable match for this wonderful girl, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. I can provide more photos/videos and info. Ultimately, she just needs somebody who will give her endless amounts of love, kindness and a new lease of life, with a family who adores her.

If you are interested, we’d love to hear a bit about you and your previous experience with dogs/ your lifestyle etc.
She is fully vaccinated with record sheet and microchipped and will be ready for her new forever home in March.

Thank you,

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