Missy, Bury St Edmunds

Can you adopt Missy?

Can you adopt Missy?

Name : Missy

Breed : DHS

Age : 2

Sex : Female

Intact : No

Town/City : Bury St Edmunds

County : Suffolk

Website : http://www.burystraycatfund.co.uk/

Information about Missy

Missy is a mystery cat. She was abandoned at the Sanctuary on the drive in a box. She had been neutered by her previous owner and we’re guessing that she’s about three years old. When we first put her in a pen she seemed very amenable but then she turned into a bit of a madam. We have now put her in the Compound with the other long stay cats and she is improving with more space, (particularly if you bribe her with treats!). She can be very affectionate with people she trusts but she will probably always be a cat who will be fine as long as she gets her own way. So she will need an experienced owner or someone who is very patient.

Location and Contact Details

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