Cleo, Bury St Edmunds

Can you adopt Cleo?


Can you adopt Cleo?

Name : Cleo

Breed : DSH

Age : 4

Sex : Female

Intact : No

Town/City : Bury St Edmunds

County : Suffolk

Website :

Information about Cleo

Cleo has been quite a challenge. She originally came in as a stray kitten from Stanton in 2012. We homed her and thought she was doing well but it turns out that she had problems “hitting the target area” with the litter trays from the start and by last May the situation had got so bad that we had to take her back. When she first came in she was using the trays perfectly for the first couple of weeks but then she got very constipated and after that she started doing hard “rabbit poos” randomly in the pen. She has had exhaustive tests at the vets which couldn’t find anything wrong but changing her food and adding a laxative (which we will pay for if we find a home for her) has fixed the problem. She is now four years old, she is quite nervous in new situations but she is very affectionate when she feels secure and we’d love there to be a happy ending for her.

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