Jackson, Greenwich

Can you adopt Jackson?


Can you adopt Jackson?

Name : Jackson

Age : 8 years

Sex : Male

Intact : No

Town/City : Greenwich

County : London – Greater London

Website : http://www.catcuddles.org.uk/

Information about Jackson

Jackson is an 8 year old male with a sweet nature and gloriously colourful vibrant orange fur. A very sweet and friendly cat, Jackson can sometimes be a bit tentative around new people, but he is easily reassured after being stroked. He is a very sociable cat and very laid back; finding comfy spots to doze in is a favourite habit of his, as you can see from his picture, though he does also enjoy the occasional trip outside, and will need a safe garden in his new home.

Being such a gentle boy, Jackon was able to share space with children in his previous home with few problems. However because of his laid back nature, he does prefer a quiet home with a slower pace. Jackson is an all round great cat, and anyone would be lucky to have him napping by their side on the sofa.

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