Tuttie & Fruittie, Greenwich

Can you adopt Tuttie & Fruittie?

Tuttie Frutti

Can you adopt Tuttie & Fruittie?

Name : Tuttie & Fruittie

Age : 2 years / 5 months

Sex : Female

Intact : No

Town/City : Greenwich

County : London – Greater London

Website : http://www.catcuddles.org.uk/

Information about Tuttie & Fruittie

Yes, Tutti and Fruiti are two cats, mother and daughter. Tuttie is the young mother and Fruittie is her 5 month old daughter. Both are now neutered, chipped, vaccinated etc, having been taken into care after being abandoned outside a veterinary surgery. Stunning, brightly coloured torties, they look like more like twins than mother and daughter.

They are both friendly and sweet, though quite shy and tentative in new environments and with people they do not know. In recent weeks Tutti has become increasingly outgoing with our volunteers, but both remain shy and in need of one person that they can bond with and learn to trust over a number of weeks. For Frutti in particular this shyness is due to being abandoned so young.

Despite their shyness they are both extremely playful – chasing balls, toys and pretty much anything that moves – and they also love to eat! Despite the initial shyness, they are obviously very different cats, and with a little time and a lot of love, their full personalities will soon emerge.

Tutti and Fruiti will need to be adopted as a pair – they’ve been through a lot together and have become quite dependent on each other as a result. A garden in a quiet, suburban neighbourhood would be just what these two young girls need.

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