Gina, Greenwich

Can you adopt Gina?


Can you adopt Gina?

Name : Gina

Age : uncertain

Sex : Female

Intact : No

Town/City : Greenwich

County : London – Greater London

Website :

Information about Gina

Gina arrived at CatCuddles as an extremely shy cat, showing some of the behaviour of a feral cat, often hiding or running from people and being afraid of being touched. She is currently being looked after by experienced foster carers where she is gradually being rehabilitated – she has come a long way already. She still won’t stay still and allow herself to be stroked, but will feed from a hand, which is a huge improvement, and is happy to play with string and spend time with people – on her own terms. She also appears to interact well with other cats and enjoy their company.

It is still going to take time and only in the long-term, in a forever home, will we see a full transformation.

Gina is going to need a very special adult-only home with experienced adopters who are understanding, open minded, and out to change a life. A rural home may be ideal for her with eventual access to a safe outdoor space for her to explore. She may never be a cuddly ‘lap cat’, but like with most cats that come to know the kindness of humans late in life, once the trust and the bond are forged, you will be having a loyal friend for life.

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