Bear, Hastings

Can you adopt Bear?

Can you adopt Bear?

Name : Bear

Breed : Jack russel mix

Age : 5

Sex : Male

Intact : No

Town/City : Hastings

County : Sussex

Information about Bear

It is with huge regret that we have begun to look at adoption for Bear.
He is a loving and energetic But a sometimes troubled individual who will need a guardian able to provide him with the understanding, care and freedom that he needs to live a fulfilled life.

We have had Bear since he was a puppy, he is house trained and has had positively reinforced training.
He responds well to treats and has a fairly good recall.
He has low to no interest in fetch games but does like to play sniff and find activities.

Bear can often be scared of other dogs, resulting in him need gradual introductions and guarding food.
We have worked extensively on positively enforcing his good behavior and reducing his fear but sometimes takes just a little while to get to that happy place and build friendships with new dogs.

He is inquisitive, tactile and Loves being outside in nature. His terrier side means he adores rooting around the country side and chasing squirrels.

We have listed below his suitability for rehoming as below:

Someone able to commit to him with time and patience, regular walks to green space.

We have just had a baby and he has not had any issues with our child. But due to his food guarding issues I would be cautious with rehoming with the very young due to food not always being out of the way.
Older children I do not believe would be a problem and I think Bear would love that kind of attention.

A house with a secure garden or grounds would be beneficial to Bear as he likes to explore outside.

I believe he would struggle to love with another dog, but this is not entirely out of the question as he has bonded well on his group walks and has some extremely strong bonds with friends dogs.

Bear will not be able to live with another animal such as a cat.

Please email Me at the provided address to enquirer if you can be his suitable guardian.

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