Can you adopt Milly?

Can you adopt Milly?

Name : Milly

Age : 7

Sex : Female

Intact : Yes

Town/City : SWINDON

County :

Information about Milly

Milly is a beautiful and loving cat who also lives with her mum Molly who is 9. I would ideally like to rehome them together as they have always been with each other. Both are fully vaccinated and chipped and in excellent health. Very loving and playful once they get to know you. Both are used to going outside but will use a cat litter tray if need be. Unfortunately due to ill health i have had to home my mums dog and the cats hate him and are becoming distressed, I feel its only fair to rehome them and give then the best life. They would be perfect for a family without other pets. They never wander far from home and eat dried and wet food.

Location and Contact Details

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