Skitz, Sleaford

Can you adopt Skitz?

Can you adopt Skitz?

Name : Skitz

Age : 6 years

Sex : Male

Intact : No

Town/City : Sleaford

County : Lincolnshire

Information about Skitz

Black Long Haired Male Neutered and Chipped Cat. We got him as a rescue cat in September 2020 as a companion for our female cat whose brother had been run over just before we moved into the area in August 2020
However they do not get on together as she is not keen on sharing. He loves his food, so much so that he tends to gulp it down so that he can eat the other cat’s food. Uses the cat flap to access the back garden and also uses the litter tray. Not keen on being groomed, but will put up with it. Was previously owned by an elderly lady, would probably be more suitable for the same as he seems to prefers females to males. He was very timid when we first had him and hid away quite a lot, but now he is always about (apart from when the doorbell goes!) but he soon reappears. He’s got a lovely temperament but just doesn’t get on with our female cat.

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