Tom, De Beauvoir Town

Can you adopt Tom?

Can you adopt Tom?

Name : Tom

Age : 11

Sex : Male

Intact : No

Town/City : De Beauvoir Town

County : London – Greater London

Information about Tom

Tom is a lovable easy going boy. He came to us as a foster during Covid and unfortunately as we are moving, we are unable to keep him. Tom loves to nap all day – usually on his favourite chair or under a bed when it’s too hot. He loves sunbathing and sitting on your lap for pats.

Tom is well experienced with using his litter tray (no issues) and we’ve put him on Purina kibble that’s smaller in size for help with chewing (he only has 3 fangs left). He has a slight allergy to dust so does sneeze on occasion but nothing major. Think he would love to explore the outdoors more than he does now, but currently really enjoys laying outside on our balcony when it’s warm.

He really is a gorgeous pet to have at home, so easy, and keen to be around his favourite people when he’s looking for affection. Also good with strangers after a little hiding to start with. Would recommend he be the only cat in his new home though – he enjoys the solo life. Could live with older children.

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