Can you adopt Bobby?

Can you adopt Bobby?

Name : Bobby

Breed : Jack russel

Age : 7

Sex : Male

Intact : Yes


County : Cheshire

Information about Bobby

He is named Bobby, hes 7 years old, hes neutered, hes my friends dog she had a baby 10months ago,Bobby isnt liking the baby, and now the baby is having floor time ect she as made the decision to rehome him (not an easy choice) she suggest he doesn’t go to a family with children. Bobby is very active on walks, loves being out,he is house trained, Bobby does get anxious when left alone. He is loyal with his owners always as been until the baby arrived. He was always babyed by his two owners. Bobby loves to play with toys, and at bed time loves to be under a blanket.
Bobby enjoying having a peperami sausage as a treat.
Bobby is toilet trained, he loves being out on walks, but likes to be the leader.

Bobby needs to go to a home with no children or other pets.

He doesn’t like cats.

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