Datsun, Reading

Can you adopt Datsun?

Can you adopt Datsun?

Name : Datsun

Breed : Medium Crossbreed

Age : 01/05/2019

Sex : Male

Intact : No

Town/City : Reading

County : Berkshire

Listed by : BeKind Rescue

Information about Datsun

We have Datsun in with us but at the moment. He is in Reading, Berkshire.

We would like to ask for a foster with a view to adopt with Datsun so we can work closely with him and his foster. We would really love to find him a home that is child and animal free, quiet with minimal comings and going’s. He also needs plenty of space!

A little bit about our boy Datsun:
He takes his time to trust, but after he learns to trust he is a very loyal and loveable boy. Once he has been given time his needs and ability to cope will change. He gets quite anxious in new situations, and around new people. He can also be lead reactive and has a high prey drive. His current fosters are taking him to an enclosed field for his physical exercise as well as working on his mental stimulation in the home. He learns new things so quickly.

Datsun arrived from Spain in November 2019. He seemed to settle very quickly into his foster home and they fell in love with him. They adopted him but soon after he started showing resource guarding behaviours, and being reactive towards other dogs on walks as well as the resident dog. He was brought back in to us for his safety and for the safety of the children and resident dog. Our fosters worked with him and after a couple of months he came on so well.

He was adopted again with slow handover, having meets over time. Unfortunately it has been quite overwhelming for him and the surrounding area was quite busy. His adopter worked really hard to help him, and had an amazing, highly recommended positive behaviourist. Unfortunately, it was just too much for him and for the adopter and she made the devastating decision to bring him back in to us, knowing that we will do our upmost for him. We cannot fault the time, love and effort his adopter had put in to help him transition. It just wasn’t the right placement for him.

He is a strong boy. He struggles with separation anxiety. He is energetic. He needs a lot of mental & physical stimulation. He is so trainable and loves to be ‘doing’. He is so loving and loveable we cannot stress this enough!

Once he’s been able to settle we can help with a fully qualified behaviourist and support from the team.

We understand this is a difficult time due to Covid and the transitions we are all making due to the pandemic but we really want the very best for our boy and we know there is someone out there who can give him the time, space and love he needs!

If you feel you can offer Datsun that perfect foster to adopt home and have the time please get in touch! We would LOVE to hear from you!

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