Dexter, Great Yarmouth

Can you adopt Dexter?

Can you adopt Dexter?

Name : Dexter

Breed : Labrador

Age : 1

Sex : Male

Intact : Yes

Town/City : Great Yarmouth

County : Norfolk

Information about Dexter

Dexter has just turned 1
He needs a loving home , I’m heartbroken knowing I have to rehome him due to having a baby coming and not being able to give him the exercise he needs .
He’s very hyper and loves to play
He can’t be left alone very long as he tends to cry
He’s crate trained and will not sleep outside the crate
He needs a lot of love and exercise !
I’m not sure what he’s like with other dogs due to not having any other pets but he loves to play with others on he’s walks !

Location and Contact Details

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