Duke, Kingston upon Hull

Can you adopt Duke?

Can you adopt Duke?

Name : Duke

Breed : Medium Mixed Breed

Age : 4yrs

Sex : Male

Intact : No

Town/City : Kingston upon Hull

County : East Riding

Listed by : Oakwood Dog Rescue

Information about Duke

4 years, Male, Medium Mixed Breed (Collie size)

Duke arrived in April and has never had an application or interest. We know he’s an interesting looking dog and he’s not for everyone but we think he’s beautiful.

Duke is a very shy and timid boy that needs a patient home that will allow him to take everything at his own pace. Duke doesn’t have timescales, and he cannot be forced to behave like a ‘normal’ dog. He has been abused by people in Romania and is still learning to trust.

He is very food motivated and when the treat is super yummy he will come over and take it from hands! He has made progress as before he would shove himself in any corner possible to hide away.

Duke can play with other dogs but he struggles to live with one, he can get frightened and shake if he’s not comfortable with the other dog. He does have some anxiety when introduced to new dogs and would need to meet friends or family dogs slowly over a period of time. It is likely that Duke has been bullied by other dogs which is why he finds them a bit frightening.

He loves his besties, Vera, Casper and Jude and loves to play with them – if interactions are done very gradually Duke could play with friends and family dogs in future.

Duke is not currently walking on a lead and needs his owner to take their time with him, giving him treats to build a bond and give him space to explore at his own pace.

He has the potential to be a lovely dog in the home and needs to find his special someone that wants to continue showing him that not all humans are mean…


Kids: Over 16 years

Dogs: No

Cats: No

Fencing: 5ft minimum

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