Dylan, leeds

Can you adopt Dylan?

Can you adopt Dylan?

Name : Dylan

Breed : English Setter

Age : 7

Sex : Male

Intact : No

Town/City : leeds

County : West Yorkshire

Information about Dylan

We rescued Dylan 5 years ago via a Spanish rescue, he was emaciated and frightened. He has a lot of energy and needs walking once or twice a day for at least 30 minutes (keeps me fit). Dylan chases joggers and cyclists and has been given an order by our local authority for nipping a jogger and is not allowed off-lead and must be muzzled. We had tried to train him out of this behaviour but couldn’t. He responds extremely well to my ex husband who has him under his thumb. No-one else has managed that. Unfortunately my ex lives abroad. Dylan is a gentle natured soul and will sit and cuddle, but he reacts to about 10% of dogs – Alsatians, big fluffy retrievers and Collies. This means that he will bark furiously when he sees or smells one. It does depend on the dog, not the breed. he hates one specific boxer, but is fine with others. His behaviour is defensive not aggressive. He is fine with kids, but never leave kids alone with any dog. He’s mad about birds – particularly blackbirds and thrushes and will stalk them for fun. The reason we need to re-home is twofold: we live on the edge of a park and joggers and cyclists go past all day long and he barks at them. This isn’t too bad if you keep him indoors, but I have been looking after an ill relative and can’t keep my eye on him all the time – I find his barking very stressful. He does suffer from separation anxiety and if left alone he will tremble and whine. Short amounts of time are fine once he’s used to it, but longer and he becomes a nervous wreck. I work from home so that hasn’t been too much of a problem for us except finding someone to look after him while we are on holidays. If you are home most of the time, have a garden which is self contained, and are kind and patient then Dylan could do very well with you. You must be prepared to walk him on the lead and try and avoid other dogs unless you know he’ll be ok with them.

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