Can you adopt Harley?

Can you adopt Harley?

Name : Harley

Breed : Staffy x

Age : 3yr 7 months.

Sex : Male

Intact : Yes

Town/City : PRESTON

County : Lancashire

Information about Harley

This is heartbreaking, its a decision I don’t even want to make but I have to for the best for me and for harleys needs.
Harley is a gorgeous loving 4 year old staffy Cross. Me & my husband have had him since he was 8 weeks old. Harley has basically been treat like a baby, hes had 3 walks a day cuddles under the blanket, and alot of our time and attention.
We had a baby 3 weeks ago and he is really struggling. He needs more lead training so it is impossible for me to take him out with pram as he will pull if he sees a cat etc. He loves his routine, he wants to be up and out for his walk first thing then he is more than happy to be left for up to around 6-7 hours. He is crate trained and loves his bed however he has the run of the downstairs now with his crate door left open and hasn’t chewed a thing. Then he wants his tea and an evening walk and then just wants to curl up with his human and cuddle. Harley requires alot of mental stimulation. He would walk for miles and miles he loves the adventures, he is great off lead but only if he has a tennis ball being thrown! He needs Someone who is good with his breed. He has been neutuered, he is up to date with all vaccinations/yearly boosters. He gets wormed and flea’ed every 6 weeks and has never ever had fleas! I would suggest he be rehomed with older children, as in teenagers or a couple/single person that can give him the time walks and love he wants. He really is my darling boy, and its killing me but harley is suffering too since we have had the baby and I dont want his world disturbed because I just simply can’t give him the time and attention he deserves. There is lots more I will discuss with the right person, i would also suggest harley to be the only dog. He does get on with smaller dogs / bitches but due to being attacked 3 times he can be funny with certain breeds/sizes and bark and growl. He has never ever snapped at a human, he can sit give both paws, twirl and lie down. He really is amazing. He is strong and boisterious and could do with a little more training especially when meeting new people he does jump up and go a little wild.

I dont particularly want money for him, I want a 5* home and will keep hold of him till I’m 100% certain thats what he will get. Checks will be done, I cant risk him being mistreated and won’t put him in kennels.
If you want any more info please message me.

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