Holly, Hemel Hempstead

Can you adopt Holly?

Can you adopt Holly?

Name : Holly

Breed : Pug

Age : 4

Sex : Female

Intact : Yes

Town/City : Hemel Hempstead

County : Hertfordshire

Information about Holly

My Molly and Holly are my life :(
BUT I have since lost my job and because of this I will have to now move to my boyfriends place and his place is so small and his landlord cannot accept pets.
I have had both gals since birth.
I live for them and they have got me through all sorts in the past 5 years.
Holly my pug is 4 and Molly my yorkie mix is 5
They have never been apart and I would prefer they remain together.
They are very special and sleep with me and only eat chicken strip snacks and they eat boiled or roasted chicken. They don’t like dog food and refuse to have it. I have tried everything.
My heart is breaking 💔 absolutely into a million pieces and I want the best for them.

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