Kennedy, Kingston upon Hull

Can you adopt Kennedy?

Can you adopt Kennedy?

Name : Kennedy

Breed : Expected Medium- Large Mixed Breed

Age : 6 months

Sex : Female

Intact : No

Town/City : Kingston upon Hull

County : East Riding

Listed by : Oakwood Dog Rescue

Information about Kennedy

Approx 6-7 months, Female, Exp size: Medium/Large

Kennedy is a character. She is a very nervous puppy but has the curiosity of a more confident pup. She really wants to come over and say hello but she’s still a bit shy for tickles and cuddles yet.

Kennedy is a shy puppy that has grown up in a world of scary people and never knowing where her next meal is coming from.

Due to this she has learned to protect her food from other dogs, so she does tell them to back off so she can eat. She is quite thin at the moment so is on multiple meals throughout the day so we can keep an eye on her weight and ensure she is full so she doesn’t feel the need to protect food.

She displays lots of typical puppy behaviour and will need toys and puzzles to keep her entertained. She is not currently walking on a lead but this will be something she learns in time.

As she is nervous but curious we believe she will be a very sweet dog, and feel she could live with sensible kids over the age of 15 that will leave her alone at meal times and give her all the space she needs to find her confidence with people.

When Kennedy is ready she will require dog socialisation. She can get anxious around other dogs due to her past, so her owners will be required to attend training when she is older.

She will require both basic manners training and dog socialisation when she is ready to help her learn some boundaries when her cheeky side comes in and to help her gain some confidence around other dogs.

Training and socialisation is mandatory for all our puppies.

Kennedy is not suitable to live with cats.

Home needed:

Kids: Over 15 years

Dogs: No

Cats: No

Fencing: 5ft minimum

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