Oakley, Colchester

Can you adopt Oakley?

Can you adopt Oakley?

Name : Oakley

Breed : Beagle

Age : 14 months

Sex : Male

Intact : Yes

Town/City : Colchester

County : Essex

Information about Oakley

Oakley is a young, full of life beagle.
He is around 14 months old and based in Essex.
Raw fed.

He is extremely playful sociable lad! He really likes to play tug and fetch. He’s favourite thing to do it of course is be outside on adventures.

Since living with me Oakley has learnt some great new skills.
Crate trained ✅
Walks nicely on lead ✅
Settles on a bed in the living room ✅
Off lead trained ✅
He has a whole list of clear communication words that he now knows ✅

He is very friendly with other dogs has been happily living with my 4 girls. He also regularly comes out to work with me (I am a dog Walker), were he is no bother with the other dogs. 🐶
He will attempt to play with my girls in the house but he is too boisterous for them, so I step in. When he’s out on walks he is happy just running about with the group rather than playing.

I don’t have Oakley free roaming my house as he is excitable. I promote calm behaviour in the home, I feel this is important as he is a young male who is full of beans and needs to learn to have an off switch to keep him well balanced. As long as he is physically exercised he will happily snooze on his place bed, and then into his crate where he literally snores his head off.

💢 Has shown some resource guarding around his food bowl. If he isn’t being hand fed through training, he is always fed in his crate or outside. I leave him alone whilst he is eating. Once he is done I call him out his crate and get his bowl out or if he is outside he will walk away from his bowl and I can pick it up. 💢 He is not for first time dog owners.
Because he has shown this behaviour I will not be rehoming him to someone with children.

Background information:

I approached by someone I know on fb who unfortunately no longer had time for him. He wasn’t getting walked and was being destructive & noisy when left.
He had absolutely zero training or manners and had always got his own way. So you can only imagine what a handful he was. I took him on as I am experienced in the breed and it was clear that this dog needed a helping hand in getting on the right track after basically spending his whole life pretty unruly!

He has come on in leaps and bounds since I got him in June and I am so proud of what a fabulous boy he’s turning into.
He has got such character and zest for life, he will make someone such a great companion to enjoy new adventures with 😍

Oakley is only a young dog, who has improved greatly since being with me. But I’d like to point out that being young (and a beagle!) he isn’t a finished product and will require an experienced person who is happy to continue training and teaching him things, so he can continue developing 👍

I want the absolute best for him ❤️

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