Budge and Finch, Keighley

Can you adopt Budge and Finch?

Can you adopt Budge and Finch?

Name : Budge and Finch

Breed : Budgie and Zebra Finch

Age : 3 ish

Sex : Male

Town/City : Keighley

County : West Yorkshire

Information about Budge and Finch

I have two birds which can come with the cage. I just want them both to go to a good home where they’ll be looked after better. The budgie is very unsociable and has never let me hold him, I did try and train him but he never had any of it and because of that his claws have grown long and I can’t to them to cut. Im due a baby soon and just do not have the time for them anymore just want them to go to a loving home, maybe a bird Avery so they can fly more.

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