Duke, United Kingdom

Can you adopt Duke?

Can you adopt Duke?

Name : Duke

Breed : Siberian husky

Age : 10 weeks

Sex : Male

Town/City : United Kingdom

County : Worcestershire

Information about Duke

Harper is a real live wire who loves walkies and playtimes. He has a few diva tendencies and will often stop on a walk and demand some attention before going any further! He can be boisterous on his lead and VERY independent when the mood takes him. He gets along so well with other dogs and loves to make new canine buddies, and would happily run around off lead with them for hours. Harper has a reputation for being a clown, and he often has us doubled up with laughter with his antics and daft ways.It is ESSENTIAL that Harper’s adopters have both proven Husky experience, along with a suitable outside area for him to live in. He is not a dog that can be kept inside the home as he is very protective of random items. As much as he is so playful with other dogs, his tendency to guard means he must be the only pet in the home. Walking and off lead pals are absolutely fine, but he can’t live with them. Harper will also need the home to be child free. He’s on a training programme for him to be more accepting of handling, particularly grooming, as that is his least favourite thing in the whole world, but he’s a very hairy boy!

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