Pumpkin, Sale

Can you adopt Pumpkin?

Can you adopt Pumpkin?

Name : Pumpkin

Breed : Chinchilla

Age : 3 years

Sex : Female

Town/City : Sale

County : Greater Manchester

Listed by : Tiny Paws MCR

Information about Pumpkin

After multiple failed bonding attempts, with both females and neutered males, we have sadly come to the conclusion that Pumpkin does not want same species company and so we are now looking for a home for her as a single chin.

We will only consider homes where Pumpkin will live in a liberta explorer sized cage as an absolute minimum, but ideally larger, such as something custom built or a chin proofed room – the royal veterinary college recommend a minimum enclosure size of 2m X 2m X 1m.

Ideal housing examples: https://www.chinchilla-scientia.com/haltung/k%C3%A4fige-gehege-zimmer/k%C3%A4figvorstellungen/


Pumpkin must also be provided with lots of human attention and daily free roam time when she is at her most active in the evenings.

Pumpkin enjoys a hay based diet, supplemented with forage (dried year round and fresh in the spring/summer when it’s available!) and a small amount of cold pressed hay based pellets.

She is not a huge fan of being handled and prefers to be allowed to explore you on her own terms. Humans are snack giving climbing frames to her!

If you can provide the time, attention and space our Pumpkin needs, please fill out our adoption questionnaire at https://www.tinypawsmcr.org.uk/adopt/rats-chinchillas-degus/

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