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Registration Details

When you post your first adoption advert using this page, you will be registered as a 'user' and you must complete the section below. The information requested in the registration section is used to create and verify your account and is not displayed online. If you are listing a pet on behalf of a charity or voluntary organisation, please enter the organisation name in the box that will appear.

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Details of the Pet to be rehomed

The information you enter below will be used to create your adoption advert. Ensure all compulsory sections are completed (the form will not submit if it is incomplete). There is no limit on description lengths, so write as much as you like. To avoid repeating information, we suggest looking at the different sections available before you start writing!


Please provide a full description of the pet which you would like to rehome. Your description must be at least 100 words long, ideally 150-300 words in length, but there is no upper limit. While this form will allow you to post shorter descriptions, our automatic 'housekeeping' routines delete adverts which are shorter than this length, largely because Google will refuse to index them and they are unlikely in any case to be effective.

Contact Details and how to view

You must provide at least one way that people can enquire about the pet. This can be a telephone number, email address or the physical address where the pet can be viewed. Email addresses are used in a built-in contact form and are not visible. Any telephone numbers or addresses given here are displayed in the advert.

If you have any other notes to add with regards viewing the pet, please add them to the 'Viewing notes' section - for example if the pet is housed at a rescue centre which is only open at certain times, or if appointments are required to view.

Viewing in Person

For pet welfare and rescue organisations

If you require that potential adopters must follow an application process prior to viewing pets they are interested in adopting, please outline them here, briefly and concisely - this is not the place for reams of rules!

Image Upload

Please upload an image of the pet that you are seeking to rehome. The only acceptable image types are jpg, jpeg and png. The photo should be landscape in format (wider than tall) and between 650px and 900px wide. Max file size 250kb.

After uploading an image, please allow it to load fully prior to clicking the 'submit' button below.

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Important - For Hotmail and users!

This is a relatively new domain and as it hasn't yet developed a 'good reputation' some email services (particularly Hotmail and Microsoft's email) automatically flag our emails as spam.

An email asking you to confirm your email address will be sent to you after you post this adoption advert. You must open the email and click the 'verification' link to complete your registration and add your advert to the publication queue.

If the email arrives in your junk folder, mark the message as 'safe' and move it into your normal mailbox - then click the confirmation link which will bring you back to this site. That's all you need to do. You will then receive another email with your login details (password and username).

You must do the above to complete your registration and publish this adoption advert.