Dixie, Leamington Spa

Can you adopt Dixie?

Can you adopt Dixie?

Name : Dixie

Age : 4

Sex : Female

Intact : No

Town/City : Leamington Spa

County : Warwickshire

Information about Dixie

Dixie is a very sweet natured cat who we adopted a couple of years ago from a friend who was moving house. Unfortunately, we already had an older female cat who has been quite territorial and who doesn’t get on at all with Dixie. I believe she needs to live in a household where she is the only cat as unfortunately despite our best efforts to achieve harmony, seems to be unhappy living with our other cat.

We have a six year old daughter who Dixie took to immediately and she seems to really like children. We also have a dog who she seems not to mind. When the other cat isn’t around, Dixie is sweet, very affectionate and loves attention. Her diet is currently dry cat food twice a day (we use Purina One) but she has also had wet food, she is happy with both. We are not aware of any allergies or health conditions and she doesn’t have any medication.

We are really sad to see her go (especially my daughter) but it’s unfair for her to live with our older cat and she deserves to be in a lovely home where she can feel confident, comfortable and loved! I believe she would be best suited to a house without other cats.

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