Adopt a Homeless Pet

Why you should adopt a homeless pet

Every year in the UK, hundreds of thousands of pets find themselves homeless through no fault of their own. Some get lost and never find their way back home, some are abandoned and many are handed in to rescue centres by owners who are no longer able to keep them. These pets face an uncertain future and, for many, their lives depend on volunteers coming forward to offer them a new home.

The population of cats and dogs in the UK is estimated to be around 15 million, so it’s no surprise that they form the majority of animals in rescue centres waiting to be rehomed. More or less regardless of the age or breed of cat or dog you are looking for, you can be sure to find a choice of loving pets waiting for you. You’ll be taking on an already house-trained, inoculated, micro-chipped and behaviour-checked pet and you won’t be financing unscrupulous pet farms. What more could you ask for?

Have you ever wondered..

What happens to abandoned pets?

People often speak about the love British people have for pets, and not just in the UK. It’s a belief shared by many people overseas where “The British love their pets” seems to be a pretty common opinion. But whilst that may be true in a general sense, it’s not enough for countless thousands of abandoned, lost and mistreated pets that are put down each year in the UK.

Thousands upon thousands of unwanted, lost or mistreated cats, dogs and other pets are taken to pet rescue centres, council pounds every year. Many of these pets are rehomed, given new homes by caring pet lovers, but thousands are put down. There are no reliable figures showing the total number of pets put down through lack of a home, but we know, for example, that between 2014 and 2015 Local Councils in the UK handled 102,363 stray and abandoned dogs. Of those, a total of 5,142 dogs were put to sleep. That equates to one dog killed every 100 minutes in the name of pet-loving British Taxpayers.

But it’s not just Local Councils. Although many pet rescue groups have “No Kill” policies and vow to rehome or keep all pets, that’s not the case for all. You might imagine that the safest place to take an abandoned pet is to your local RSPCA branch, yet official figures show that the animal-welfare charity destroyed 53,000 animals in 2011. Whilst they are trying to reduce the number of pets they kill – figures from 2013 show they put down 24,853 – the numbers show the sheer scale of the problem that exists.

Why adopt a homeless pet?

You’re saving an innocent pet’s life..

It’s a sad reality that many of the pets you see in cat and dog rescue centres will end their lives their, one way or another. At best, some unwanted pets face what we would call a life in prison, albeit a caring prison. For others, the end comes in the form of a needle. By adopting, you give them a new life in a loving home.

Each pet adopted is a sale less for commercial animal farms..

There are hundreds, if not thousands of commercial pet-breeding facilities and backyard breeders producing millions of animals for profit, to be sold in pet stores and via newspaper ads. To hide their methods, these commercially bred pets are often displayed in normall homes, under pretence of being home-reared. In these puppy and kitten factories, breeders keep their female dogs in cages, repeatedly impregnated without care, forcing them to produce litter upon litter. Each homeless cat or dog adopted is a sale these unscrupulous people don’t benefit from.

You can benefit from adopting an adult pet..

Puppies and kittens are cute and we all adore them, but you need to spend time housetraining them and teaching them not to eat or claw furniture! Most adult pets have already been through that schooling period, and their personality is already there to see. You’ll also know you’re adopting a healthy animal, which is something you can only hope for when you buy a new pet. Pets which are put up for adoption in rescue centres are given all necessary vaccinations and also go through a behavior screening process, allowing you to adopt with confidence.

You are supporting a valuable resource..

Sadly, animal rescue centres are an essential community resource. Without them, thousands upon thousands of pets would be left to roam the streets wild, or be put down. Pet resuce centres are reliant on charitable donations and volunteers to remain in existance, but above all need people like you to help them by adopting the pets they care for. When you adopt, you’re not just providing an animal with a new home, you’re also helping to send a message to others, the people who ask you where you got your new pet from. In addition, many animal rescue centres request small adoption fees to help cover the cost of caring for pets, and while these fees are considerably lower than those charged by commercial breeders, they help keep these charities and voluntary groups afloat, to help other unwanted pets.

Oh, you’ll also get a new friend who’ll love you, no matter what!
Ready for that?