Koneko, Appledore

Can you adopt Koneko?

Can you adopt Koneko?

Name : Koneko

Age : 4

Sex : Female

Intact : No

Town/City : Appledore

County : Devon

Information about Koneko

Koneko is a small, sweet natured, playful girl. She is quite shy with strangers, but is very friendly and playful once she gets to know you. She isn’t an indoor cat, and she spends quite a lot of time outside.
She is used to living with two dogs, and they all get on very well. She plays with our small dog a lot. She is the only cat in our household. She is used to children as we often have grandchildren visiting.
Koneko loves to cuddle and play.
She doesn’t use a tray as she goes outside. She will use the tray if there is one for her though. She is perfectly clean in the house.

We need to rehome Koneko as my son is going to start having dialysis at home soon, and for hygiene reasons we can’t have a cat. We love her very much and it is very sad for us to have to do this.

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