Max & Belle, PAISLEY

Can you adopt Max & Belle?

Can you adopt Max & Belle?

Name : Max & Belle

Age : 4 & 2

Sex : Male

Intact : Yes

Town/City : PAISLEY

County : Strathclyde

Information about Max & Belle

I’ve had Max (4) and Belle (2.5) since they were kittens. I am a full-time postgraduate student who works almost full-time hours and I travel between countries a lot. Max and Belle barely see me during the week and due to my constant traveling, they have spent a great part of this year at a cat-sitter (for weeks at a time). This has taken a toll on them and as much as I love them, I simply can’t give them the home they deserve.
Max is very sweet and cuddly and is therefore demanding and wants some affection. He enjoys watching birds behind the window, playing with feather teasers, searching for high places in the house, and giving you head bumps. He is very friendly and will come to you for belly rubs after knowing you for a couple of hours. He will also remind you that it’s mealtime! Max hates car rides and they stress him out so short distance rehoming is essential.
You won’t see Belle for most of the day, but she will come for her cuddles in the evening. She is very easy-going and spends her day basking in the sun on the top of a scratching tree and seeking warm places. She also loves catching catnip bubbles and snacking on Dreamies. Belle doesn’t mind meeting new people but will seem a bit more distant at first.
Their feeding routine is simple. One pouch of wet food each for breakfast at 7, one pouch each for dinner at 7 (although they’re used to eating even later), and some dry food to nibble on throughout the day. Their favourite wet pouches are Sheba, but you can sometimes mix it up with Felix or Gourmet, as long as it’s all in gravy and no jelly. For the dry food, I buy Purina One and go back and forth between Indoor Formula and Urinary Care. As for treats, Dreamies are always a go for both, but Max also likes cat sticks and Belle loves the creamy lick treats.
They have never come in contact with a dog so I wouldn’t recommend it. They have been around children a couple of times and after some avoiding and hiding period, they were acting the same way they do around adults. They are also used to being alone all day, but they still need a family that has more time for them than I’ve had. They get used to a new environment quickly as long as the environment is stable.
I would love it if the new family could send some pictures and maybe let me visit after the babies settle in, just to see that they’re doing well.

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