Paris, London

Can you adopt Paris?

Can you adopt Paris?

Name : Paris

Age : 2/5 3/5

Sex : Male

Intact : Yes

Town/City : London

County : London – Greater London

Information about Paris

I have 2 beautiful neutered female and male Ragdoll cats JUST INDOOR CAT, !
2/5 years and 3/5 years old, very good behave , no scratch no fighting , very playful
Looking for a forever home for them, who loves cats and able to look after them very well and accept them as a part of them family,
Please contact me ONLY if you love cats and have enough space and time . They are very similar to dogs, follow you at home, waiting for you behind the door , honestly adorable cats
Unfortunately I am not able to take care of them I need to travel a lot and have nobody to look after them
They love each other and never fight together

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