Tammiyah, Tiger, London

Can you adopt Tammiyah, Tiger?

Can you adopt Tammiyah, Tiger?

Name : Tammiyah, Tiger

Age : 9

Sex : Female

Intact : Yes

Town/City : London

County : London – Greater London

Information about Tammiyah, Tiger

Cosy, friendly new home needed for my 2 beautiful cats.

My cats have been the light of my life for a long time. But unfortunately due to unforseen circumstances I will need to find them a new home.

Tammiyah and Tiger are indoor cats and have never been to fond of the out doors.They rely on each other a lot hence why I would like to rehome them together.
They are half bengali and half tabby.
Tammiyah is more out going than Tiger she is more likely to approach you for a stroke.
Tiger is the bigger out of the two but she is a lot more shy.

Their new home would need to be child free as they prefer a quiet enviroment and get very anxious around loud noise and fast movements

Feel free to message or call me if you are interested

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