Annie, Peterborough

Can you adopt Annie?

Can you adopt Annie?

Name : Annie

Breed : Jack Russel/Cairn Terrier

Age : 9 years

Sex : Female

Intact : No

Town/City : Peterborough

County : Cambridgeshire

Information about Annie

Annie is 9 years old and a family active dog. She has two walks a day and loves swimming. She has slowed down as she has gotten older and is quite happy to stay on her own at home during the day. She loves being centre of attention in the family and dotes on affection. She can be jealous of other dogs but can share a household with cats, We have had a grandchild recently and she she hasn’t taken to him at all – she gets very excitable and doesn’t know how to behave well. We have tried various steps but nothing has changed her behaviour. She isn’t aggressive but gets over-excited, scared and becomes stressed. She loves playing with all types of balls, over any other toys. She doesn’t particularly like kennels or travelling in a car. She would ideally love to be with an elderly person or someone who would could give her their full attention.

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