Dolly, Lower Halstow/Sittingbourne

Can you adopt Dolly?

Can you adopt Dolly?

Name : Dolly

Breed : German Shepherd X Husky

Age : 1 Year

Sex : Female

Intact : Yes

Town/City : Lower Halstow/Sittingbourne

County : Kent

Information about Dolly

Being rehomed due to being rescued from a bad situation and now she cannot stay as she has been dumped on our yard (new owner has not returned and has no interest in her)
She has been misunderstood in the past which caused her to go into herself for a bit – However, I have had a behaviourist/trainer for her everyday for 3 months to ‘learn her’ due to a potential bad home before.

Wonderful girl, loves to play fetch and do commands. Will do anything for a treat.

Will make a great security dog for land.
Unsure if she can live in a home and is currently happy living outside in a pen (as long as her needs are being met daily)
Takes 3 days to desensitise and once she sees you’re no threat, she is your friend/protector for life.
Learns your routine well.
Extremely clever.
Takes treats well.
Loves a fuss – but has pressure points that you will be made aware of, that she doesn’t like being touched
Full training on Dolly given
Can move into a place with dogs, but no new dogs to be moved in afterwards (you’re her person and she likes that)
Plenty of videos/photos to send if you contact, just cannot upload to website more than 1 photo

Can be transported to you
Comes with everything she needs to begin her life with you.
Price: small donation to charity

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