Kal, Wiltshire

Can you adopt Kal?

Can you adopt Kal?

Name : Kal

Breed : German Shepherd

Age : 2

Sex : Male

Intact : Yes

Town/City : Wiltshire

County : Wiltshire

Information about Kal

Kal is looking for a forever home, due to owners health.
He is best suitable for farms or a big house with a big garden, he is lovely with my 2 kids one age 4 and one aged 9 month,
he does need some training as he pulls when going for walks.
we have successfully trained him to wait for his daily walks to go toilet,
he has 2 walks a day and time at a field 1x a week.
he’s very healthy and very very lovely, he doesn’t get on too well with cats we have tried to introduce him, he also barks a lot at other dogs so im not sure if he will be okay with other pets.
we are heartbroken to have to rehome him, so we want him to go to a loving home.

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