Kylo, Eastbourne

Can you adopt Kylo?

Can you adopt Kylo?

Name : Kylo

Breed : Collie x Kelpie

Age : 3

Sex : Male

Intact : No

Town/City : Eastbourne

County : Sussex

Information about Kylo

Sadly having to find a more suitable home for our year old family dog, Kylo. He is an extremely loving, affectionate, obedient and kind natured boy but unfortunately we are struggling to keep up with his energetic temperament and zest for life. He is excellent with children (we have 4 children ages from 6-10) extremely gentle and completely non reactive however we are now expecting a baby coming in Jan 24 and are concerned we will not have the time to give him the attention he needs and deserves and as much as he is gentle and very tolerant of our older children he very easily could accidentally harm a vulnerable baby by being excitable/running round the house.
We originally rehomed him as he turned 1 from another couple and unfortunately don’t have any history or health documents but we have everything from his time with us. He is very healthy, great set of teeth and thick shiny coat. He has been neutered. He requires a lot of exercise to enable him to be calm in the home and firm boundaries as he is very excitable and still very puppy like.
Long forest and beach walks are his fave and he adores water but he also needs to run long distances on open fields. Very good with other dogs, not very territorial or interested when out for walks he may sniff if they approach but would rather be running! He is wary of small dogs as they always tend to nip his legs so he doesn’t approach them but sometimes will chase and play with dogs similar size to him like Labs/huskys/retriever/spaniels. He will only be reactive if another dog shows signs of aggression and will defend himself..before running away!
He’s fully house trained and will ‘ask’ to go outside for the toilet by barking, whining or Pacing etc… But usually has a routine of times he goes.
Very obedient with commands like sit, stay, wait, paw, lay down, no, go, come, bed, downstairs.
He enjoys his crate and has had it since he was a puppy in his previous home, he will choose to sleep in there at night time or when tired during the day so we have kept it. He also likes to lay/sleep under beds.

He will run away as soon as let off the lead but usually keeps in sight and checks back. Great recall when called for or whistled for and told ‘come’ will come right back and sit by masters side with no needs for treats or reward.

He will not touch anything that is not his, including children’s toys and has never been destructive to anything in the house other than his own bed and toys.

The main problems with his behaviours that will need tackling if you decide to are that he is very protective of the home and will bark loudly at the doorbell or postman. There are behaviours he has had since we rehomed him that we are unsure of the trigger such as not liking certain clothing on men such as hats and hi vis vests. He is very wary of men on first meetings and will cower untill he is sure.
He has always reacted to spray items like Deodorant, oil spray, antibacterial spray, air fresheners etc…he is not scared he wants to play and will jump and bite the air and even bark and we have tried to combat this habit as it is too disruptive to everyday life but had no success.
He will do the same with any splashing water or garden hose.
He WILL pull on the lead for the first 10 mins of walking which is something we have struggled to be able to train out of him with multiple techniques and leads. Although medium sized he is very very strong which makes walking difficult untill you reach and area where he can be let off.

He is always on high alert and protect mode in the home which will be in his nature so you need to be someone who would be happy for him to be at your side 24/7 and move with your every move!

He will listen when told ‘off’ or ‘get down’ but will run around and jump on beds/sofas no matter how many times he is told not to.

He is happy to be groomed with a standard brush, will let me use a deshedder but not keen on the harsher brittles and will wriggle around. Not keen but will stand still and let you shower and wash him with no reactive behaviours but he will not let anyone trim his claws for some reason and professional groomers still struggle to get them all done as he wriggles around to get away and will bare his teeth and nibble your fingers.

He’s extremely loyal and once built a relationship with his master (my partner at the moment) he will obey everything he is told and not leave their side but he just can’t seem to help the reactive/excitable habits he has!

He never takes food off plates etc… but will sit and watch you eat and get as close as he can get if not told to lay down or no.

He is very affectionate and likes to be cuddled and picked up and held. He thinks he is smaller than he is and will try and sit on your lap and squeeze into the tiniest of gaps to get close to you!

He eats wet and dry food together, mostly grain free suits him best and lots of protein but he doesn’t have any digestive problems and very rarely sick or bad tummy from changes in foods.

Loves tuck of war ropes, hard and durable chew toys, balls and sticks. Plays fetch with practically anything and will bring it back to you.
He enjoys large raw hide bones and also antlers, marrow bones and large joints and will chew for a long while. He can be protective over these items and growl if someone appears to want to take it from him but he will be happy to be next to you or be stroked while he has them or even sometimes want to play with you with his bone… But on his terms

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