Reggie, Carlisle

Can you adopt Reggie?

Can you adopt Reggie?

Name : Reggie

Breed : French Bulldog

Age : 3 years

Sex : Male

Intact : Yes

Town/City : Carlisle

County : Cumbria

Information about Reggie


It is with a heavy heart we are having to rehome our French Bulldog Reggie, he has started taking a disliking to our younger dog who we had before we got Reggie and it isn’t fair on either of them. Our younger dog just wants to play but Reggie won’t tolerate it however if the other dog isn’t bothering him Reggie is fine and he is great with our cat.

We got Reggie when he was 2 years old so we don’t know anything about his life before we got him.

Reggie is a very reactive dog when out on walks, he will jump and try to bite through his lead if he passes any dogs. If people come too close to his owners when outside he will jump up. We have had numerous professionals tell us he is just being protective, but it is getting really difficult to take him out.

Inside the house he is like a different dog, he is the most soft and loving boy ever, he is amazing with our two young children and all reggie wants is to be petted and cuddled.
If someone Reggie doesn’t know comes in the house he is absolutely fine and doesn’t jump at them it’s just outside the house that is the problem.

Reggie would be best suited with someone who has an older dog who is less likely to be hyper and want to play as this is what Reggie doesn’t like about our dog.

Apart from when we are outside of the house and how he is with our younger dog Reggie is lovely and I am confident in the right environment with people who can give him the time he needs to work on his reactive behaviour Reggie could be a model dog.

Please only serious enquiries only, this is an incredibly hard decision and I won’t let Reggie go to just anybody or to someone who just wants him for breeding, they have to be right for Reggie’s needs.

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