Leo (and Rosie), Bridgnorth

Can you adopt Leo (and Rosie)?

Can you adopt Leo (and Rosie)?

Name : Leo (and Rosie)

Breed : Rabbit

Age : 5

Sex : Male

Town/City : Bridgnorth

County : Shropshire

Information about Leo (and Rosie)

I am looking for a good home for my Leo, a lion head lop rabbit, and Rosie, a Dutch rabbit, who is the same age and is female. Please enquire on the basis that you will commit to both rabbits as they CANNOT be split apart. Leo is tanned and dark brown, with fluffy ears and “mane” as I call it, and a white spotted nose. He is friendly, although doesn’t like being held. He will never act aggressive, he just prefers to be stroked or to hop on you if you are sat on his level. He is in brilliant health, medium sized and the more confident out of the two. He was a house rabbit by himself for a couple of months before I bonded him with Rosie and they became inseparable living outside in their hutch. Rosie is black and white, larger and more plump. She is not unhealthy or overweight, she is just a larger breed but is as active as Leo. She is more shy however, due to me not being able to bond with her when I first got her as I introduced her to Leo straight away. Because of her nerves, she just needs a bit more patience. She would never be aggressive however. They’re both littered trained and love a run around as well as a good sleep. Please contact me for photos or any more details.

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