Pandora and Bumble, Chesterfield

Can you adopt Pandora and Bumble?

Can you adopt Pandora and Bumble?

Name : Pandora and Bumble

Breed : Netherland Dwarf Rabbits

Age : 2

Sex : Female

Town/City : Chesterfield

County : Derbyshire

Information about Pandora and Bumble

Pandora and Bumble are sisters, they are bonded and live happily together. I would like them to be rehomed together as their bond is very strong. They live in an outdoor hutch with access to a large grassy run. They are both neutered but unvaccinated; they have never had any problems. They are quite nervous of people so will need experienced handlers. They enjoy apples and leafy greens, and when they are happy run jump and binky! They love snuggling each other and will accept cuddles from their human if very gentle. I am only rehoming my bunnies as I am now pregnant and do not have the time for them anymore.

Location and Contact Details

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