Keighley Cat Care, Bingley

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Keighley Cat Care is involved with pet welfare and is always looking for people who are interested in adopting and giving new homes to pets that need rehoming. If you want to get in touch, please remember that organisations like this typically only work during office hours and may take a little time to answer emailed enquiries.

Keighley Cat Care

Keighley Cat Care, Bingley

Keighley Cat Care

Pet Types :Cats Only
Town/City :Bingley
County :West Yorkshire
Contact Tel :01274 568380
Website :Click to visit website

Full Address

Tanelorn Peasacre, Bingley, BD16 3JR

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Keighley Cat Care, Bingley – Keighley Cat Care is based in Bingley, Yorkshire. Cats and kittens come in to us for many reasons, some abandoned, some dumped in dustbins, cardboard boxes or thrown out of cars. All the cats and kittens are taken into foster homes. They are given a thorough examination by a vet and any illness, injury etc is treated immediately. They are given flea and worm treatment and vaccinated. The ones old enough are neutered. We also microchip them. They will then stay with us until an appropriate new home is found.

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Enquiry Form

Animal Welfare Groups often have limited manpower to deal with email enquiries so please don't use this form unless you are interested in adopting a pet, would like to make an appointment to view a pet you are interested in adopting, or unless you are volunteering to help in other ways. For the same reason, some pet rescue organisations may take several days to reply, so please be patient! Thank you.

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