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Our sponsors – Essex House Clearances

Thanks to our sponsors, Adoptable was created in the early 2000’s as a voluntary project aimed at supporting pet adoption in the UK, whether the advertisers were pet rescue groups or individuals – it’s the pets that matter not who is trying to rehome them. Although any work done on the website is entirely voluntary there will always be costs, not just in terms of time but also hosting and software costs. We don’t mind paying for this ourselves, but thankfully we also have a sponsor, Essex House Clearances, who are happy to provide the necessary funds to keep the website alive.

Our sponsors – Essex House Clearances

We want to ask you to support our sponsors, so it’s probably best if we explain who they are! Essex House Clearances are one of Essex’s leading property clearance specialists, providing house clearance, probate clearance and commercial property clearance services across most of Essex and also border areas of Suffolk. In addition to their own charity work and assistance, part of their profit goes into funding this website.

If you have a property of any sort that needs emptying before it can be sold, rented or redeveloped, you can save yourself an awful lot of time and effort by calling on a property clearance firm to do the work for you. Most clearances are completed in a single day – depending on the size of the job, obviously – and you end up with a property cleared of unwanted items, ready for the next stage in its life.

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No two jobs are the same, so when you contact Essex House Clearances to request a quote, they arrange to visit the property to assess the work involved – the mass and weight of items to be cleared, staff and vehicles required and so on. Once that’s done they’ll give you a simople quote to do the work. In the case of probate clearances where some of the items to be removed may have genuine resale values, they are happy to discuss purchasing items or arranging for them to be disposed of via auction, depending on what they are and your own preferences. The net effect of such arrangements is often to reduce your clearance costs significantly.

So, if you need to empty a house of unwanted furniture, household effects or even the collected items of a lifelong hoarder, contact Essex House Clearances and ask them to provide a quote. Thank you!