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Braintree House Clearance Services

The Braintree House Clearance website belongs to our sponsors Essex House Clearances, a local owner-managed business based in Braintree and providing property clearance services across most of Essex. In the past we haven’t recommended anyone’s services unless they relate to pets, but in this case we can do it without reservation.

Braintree House Clearance services include having a house or any other property cleared of things like unwanted furniture, appliances, general household items, personal effects, clothing and general clutter. Being the customer, you simply decide what needs to go and these clearance specialists get on with it. You’re left with a property that’s empty and ready for renovation, sale or letting.

Recycling by default

It’s a common question these days so it’s worth explaining that when you ask Braintree House Clearances to empty a property, recycling is the first consideation. They assess everything they take away to see if it can be rehomed one way or another. For example, any furniture in good enough condition is rehomed, often by donation to local charities who can then sell it through their shops. Clothing is always donated because it can either be sold via a charity shop, or sold as ‘rags’ if they’re not in good condition. As the group is registered under ‘Gift Aid’, the charities also get tax relief on donated items that they are able to sell, adding another 20% to what they earn. Any items that aren’t suitable for rehoming go to commercial recycling centres, so very little is wasted.

Braintree House Clearances are happy to help regardless of the circumstances behind your clearance needs, whether it’s emptying a rental property after an abusive or illegal tenancy, whether you’ve bought a property at auction that needs emptying or even if a family member has passed away and the house needs to be emptied in order to get it sold.

Braintree Property Clearances

If you need to have a property emptied of unwanted items such as furniture, household effects, personal belongings, hoarded items, stock or anything like that, we recommend visiting the Braintree House Clearance website to ask for a quote. They are of course fully licenced with the UK Environmental Agency in accordance with legislation.

If you have a property in or around Chelmsford that needs emptying, get in touch with our sponsors today and request a quote.